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About the vw partner program

everything you need to know
you will receive $500 off the dealer invoice price!

Volkswagen has been around since 1937 and since then they have created many lasting partnerships with different companies all over the place. They have recently decided to launch a partner program in the US where they give back to the individuals and their families who work at their partner companies. Volkswagen of America created this program to show their appreciation of the continuous support of their partners. Quirk Auto Dealers admires Volkswagen’s initiative to give back which is why we have recently decided to volunteer as a participating dealership of the partner program! Benefits You will receive $500 off the Dealer Invoice price, and this offer can be combined with other special offers and incentives! The Golf R is excluded. Qualifications & Requirements You must be affiliated with one of VWoA’s partner companies and work in the US as a full time, direct, or retired employee. It is not just you that can benefit from this program, but also the members of your household!

  • combine with other offers!

    yes you can combine with other incentives and offers

  • Must be a full time employee

    or a retired employee.

  • Family gets in on the fun

    Members of your household also get this benefit as well.

  • Golf-R is excluded

    sorry guys the only model this program doesn't include is the Golf-R

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